Our 7 Picks From The Webby Awards Winners & Nominees

29 Apr 2015
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The winners of the 2015 Webby Awards have been revealed. Two days ago. But we took our time to scroll between the winners & the nominees (a lot of time and a lot of nominees), so here is a list with our favorites, because of the simplicity of the idea versus impact. That simple.

1. The Dancing Traffic Light - BBDO Germany GmbH for Smart

2. AT&T It Can Wait - MRY for AT&T


3. World Under Water - BBDO Proximity Singapore for UNEP (yup, below is a website screenshot with an underwater Victoriei Square, in Bucharest)


4. Google World Cup - R/GA for Google. Because we get a glimpse on the huge efforts behind a real "real-time content generation" campaign.

Google World Cup Case Study from George Prest on Vimeo.

5. KLM #happytohelp - DDB & Tribal Worldwide, Amsterdam for KLM. Another great example of real-time content, customer care and the efforts behind.

6. #LastSelfie41? 29! for WWF

#LastSelfie from 41? 29! on Vimeo.

7. Stalker Viewed Your Profile - BBDO Belgium announcing Stalker TV Series

As you can see, we haven't included in the list "The World's Toughest Job" or "I Will What I Want". Everybody is talking about them and normally marketing people should be up to date with such examples. They are great campaigns, but that is not the point in discovering new things and get some genuine simple inspiration. 

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