Mall Promenada in Top Social Brands 2015

15 May 2015

Top Social Brands is an annual social media ranking established and published by Biz Magazine. Of course, behind all the rankings there are some selected jurors who analyze brands' involvement and visibility on the Romanian Social Media landscape.

Why does it matter for us? Because Mall Promenada is not in the first 100, but in the first 50 Top Social Brands in 2015. Which puts it on the 36th place of the list, ahead of bigger budgets names like Milka, Ikea, Sprite, Dorna & alike. And Promenada is our Client. Yeey!


If you are at least a bit curious, it wasn't an easy thing what we did. It was hard work, more work, lots of visual content generation, lots of editorial content and Promenada's team is not what you would be used in an agency, but more in a digital publishing house :). Luckily our Clients have perfectly understood and supported our content strategy and had the patience to wait for real results.

Read more about the rankings here.

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